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Working in the adult entertainment industry carries risks associated with sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and sexually transmitted infections (STI). Although not required in every state, your employer may be responsible for providing a safe work environment that could include monthly STD screening. At JustGetTested.com, you alone are the owner of your health information and only you have access to the results. We are fully compliant with federal HIPAA regulations to protect your health information. JustGetTested.com is your source for the most affordable, secure and confidential testing for STDs available on the Web.

Anyone working in the commercial sex industry where bodily fluids and blood can be transmitted are encouraged to safeguard themselves and their co-workers, clients or partners by adhering to safe sex practices. Because of the nature of the industry, typical safe sex recommendations are not practical. For example, long-term monogamous relationships with uninfected partners are the best way to avoid exposure to STDs and STIs. This is impossible for those working in the commercial sex industry. Alternative safe sex guidelines are recommended:

  • Get tested monthly for STDs and STIs including HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.
  • Avoid unprotected exposure to co-workers, clients or partners if infected
  • Ask your employer about using personal protective equipment such as condoms and dental dams
  • Request all bodily fluids remain outside the partner's body, away from face and other entry points
  • Request post-production simulation to take the place of high-risk activities that involve bodily fluids around the face or other entry points.
  • Ask about post-exposure prophylaxis after possible exposure to infections such as hepatitis B and HIV.

These steps may decrease your risk of acquiring and transmitting sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Treatments are available for many STDs and should be discussed with a medical professional. Remember, at JustGetTested.com, your results are strictly confidential and only you will be given access.



Adult Entertainment STD Testing

The adult entertainment industry now has a reliable, affordable and confidential means of STD testing. Generally, the industry standard requires adult film stars to be tested for STDs every 28 days. At JustGetTested.com you’ll receive a comprehensive STD profile that includes HIV by PCR, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis for only $189. You can have your blood tested at any of our convenient locations when you order a blood test online. Just order and pay here on the web site and then go to the nearest LabCorp location with the order confirmation you receive online. Remember, you must bring a printout of your order confirmation with you to the LabCorp facility of your choice. You then access your results at this web site privately and may share your results or keep them confidential. We do not share your test results.

Talent Test Profile

Tests involved:

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • HIV by PCR
  • Syphilis


JUSTGETTESTED.com offers these tests for only $189.00. Even if your employer doesn’t follow the industry recommendations, you can take control of your health with this affordable, convenient and confidential blood testing process.

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